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  • Worblaa ja muita cosplaytarvikkeita Suomesta
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Worbla’s flameRed Art

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flameRed Art (WRA) – The brand new flame resistant material for professional users by Cast4Art!

Worbla’s® flameRed Art is certified by DIN 4102-1 (German Industry Norms) as "B1 - flame resistant."

It combines the safety requirements regarding fire protection for the professional sector and the outstanding moulding qualities of the Worbla’s® Art series.

This high quality material was especially designed for professionals working at theatres, movies & TV or amusement parks because the topic “fire safety” becomes more and more important in those areas.

Beside this like all the other materials of the Worbla’s® Art series it is classified to be non-toxic and solvent-free!

WRA is activated by heat (best approx. 80-90°C / 175-195°F), becomes mouldable and shapeable by hand and can be re-activated as often as wanted to.

No matter if casting, moulding or in combination with other materials, Worbla’s®
flameRed Art convinces by its properties in all cases. Smooth surfaces are not a problem at all, as well as filigree works.

The glue in the Worbla’s®
flameRed Art is also activated by heat and really strong; edges can be blended very well together until they do almost vanish.

Usually for the WRA all kind of colors such as acrylics or spray paints can be used for painting. Though, it is recommended to prime the surface before painting, because the surface is really smooth.

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flameRed Art – MSDS including DIN Certification

Convincing characteristics

  • It is certified by DIN 4102-1 (German Industry Norms) as "B1 - flame resistant”.
  • Can be re-activated with heat as often as wanted to (best approx. 80-90°C / 175-195°F)
  • Fantastic moulding and casting properties
  • Classified as non-toxic and solvent-free
  • It contains a very strong glue and it can be blended very well in order to attach single pieces nearly invisible and steady together
  • Processing time up to several minutes, depending on the time of exposure of the heat
  • Simple, safe and clean handling
  • Surface provides for example good adherence for all colors, varnish, glue and so on
  • Excellent repair and connecting possibilities, also with other thermoplastics
  • No leftovers and under normal conditions it can be stored for years